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Our core competence at a glance:

  • Object development

    Object development

    HGHI Holding GmbH has at its disposal a competent team of more than 100 specialists from all real estate relevant fields. This is how we provide first class service and competent advice from the initial brainstorming to effective management. Our specialists in the fields of conception, urban development, market research, location analysis, traffic questions, property questions, building legislation and provision of site infrastructure produce the basis for the future success of the real estate.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Development of innovative user concept (from single buildings to entire urban quarters)
    • Extensive feasibility survey paired with cost effectiveness analysis and scheduling
    • Global synergy through international joint ventures
    • Extensive observation of the markets
    • Own market research

    Architecture and Urban Development

    The face of a city is to a great extent molded by its buildings and architecture. They add atmosphere and flair to the urban landscape. The aesthetic demand and love of detail have permanently formed the cityscape of many metropolises and made them a place which people can live, work and feel well in.

    Our architects are completely committed to upholding these high expectations. Thus the commercial real estates conceived solely by them or together in co-operation with well-known partners fulfill the highest quality measures, fit harmoniously into existing cityscapes and garner admiration through their simple elegance and functionality. The development of guidance details regarding tender selection and numerous space calculations also belong to the tasks of the architects. This includes updating the current state of property planning in connection with building management, through new letting and optimization as well as planning support. Moreover, the interior design and the urban planning of the surrounding areas falls under the assignment spectrum of our architects. During all phases the construction management team handles the full range of activities relating to costs, deadlines, contracts and quality of work execution.

  • Office spaces

    Office spaces

    HGHI Holding GmbH looks back on an international wealth of experience, which presently includes more than 1,000,000 sqm of successfully marketed large projects and office areas.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Planning, construction, letting and marketing of large office complexes as well as modern shopping centers integrated office and service areas throughout the world.
    • Or top locations in the inner city or city center of large metropolises.
    • Innovative and flexible dividable office areas.
    • Sufficient parking spaces close to or within the property.
    • Experience in the field of medical practices, tax advice, law, health insurance and other customer oriented service providers.
    • Synergy effect through individually planned tenant mix.
  • Retail areas

    Retail areas

    No location is the same as the next. Therefore, HGHI Holding GmbH prepares a business and tenant mix tailor-made for the relative location already in the planning phase. Each of the shops in the shopping center (from new starts to international branches) compliments the city offer and constitutes an additional attraction for the visitor from the near and far catchment area. Actual changes in retail trade are naturally taken into consideration and incorporated into the further development of the concept.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Professional planning and realization of innovative shopping centers
    • Strategic location marketing and creative advertising concepts
    • Integration of highly modern office spaces
    • Permanent optimization
    • Optimal trade mix
    • Professional center-management for every type of shopping center
    • Creative concept for producing more frequency and increasing the profile attractiveness
    • Permanent optimization of retail space utilization
    • Permanent review of business mix to guarantee an optimal mix.
    • Professional tenant support
    • Professional property-management
    • Support through professional facility-management
  • Hotels


    Hotels are the pivot and central points of big cities. Through the planning, realization, modernization and management of hotels we create not only an actual additional benefit for the respective cityscape but help the owners to achieve additional proceeds through sustainable management.

    Our experience in key points:

    • Modernization and re-harmonization of existing hotels real estate in existing cityscapes 
    • Exceptional architecture
    • Perfect management for additional proceeds for the benefit of the owners.
    • Already realized hotels with an investment volume amounting to around 200 million Euro. 
    • Integration of state-of-the-art office complexes and shopping centers
  • Property purchase

    Property purchase

    We are constantly on the lookout for new investment possibilities.

    Requirements object purchase:

    What we're looking for:

    Commercially used real estate or property with planning rights for commercial, retail, office, logistic spaces or hotels from 1,000 to 50,000 sq m per project. From local supply center to super shopping center, from 1 star hotel to mega logistic center.

    Types of usage:

    • Office/Administrative building
    • Shopping centers/retail parks
    • Logistic centers
    • Hotels


    Economic centers, medium and high-order centers, good transport connections, public transport connection.

    Purchase price:

    Depending on the project up to € 100 million per property.


    The requirements profile is subject to a constant process of adaptation to the current conditions on the respective real estate markets. In this sense, the aforementioned key points and descriptions are not fixed and updated on a daily basis, but serve only as a guideline.

An overview of our services:

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    For the realization of major commercial projects the HGHI Holding GmbH also has a wealth of experience as an investor. We offer you a complete performance and service package tailored individually to suit your interests.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Detailed cost and scheduling
    • Competent project accounting
    • Complete transparency
    • Realization of the total added value potential
    • Responsible project management
    • Unlimited joint planning rights
    • Disclosure of favorable building conditions
    • No credit risks
  • Center-Management


    Our center managers are the people who take care of all areas of the shopping center. During opening times of the center they are available as competent contacts for tenants and visitors. The shopping centers are distinguished by the large number of events and the high-value, quality advertising. Thereby, center managers organize a great deal of the action themselves and are present on-site when events take place. Furthermore, they function as communication interface between politics, the police and personalities from business and culture.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Supervision and control of advertising budget as well as management of joint advertising association
    • Perfectly trained specialists in the field of management
    • Always friendly, courteous, problem solving and competent
    • Car-park management, public relations with country/state, city, associations, organizations and media
    • Active event management for increasing the quality of stay
    • Creative concepts for improving frequency and enhancement of the attractiveness profile
  • Facility-Management


    One of our constant objectives is the creation and maintenance of a functional and flexible real estate. Hereby, the ancillary costs are optimized taking into account the entire life cycle. HGHI understands facility management as technical, commercial and infrastructure management.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Optimal space and functional planning.
    • Detailed calculation of profitability and comprehensive letting concept as well as marketing and PR activities.
    • Intelligent information systems.
    • Efficient building management and a complete commercial administration. 
    • Regular market and location analysis
    • Integrated conceptual advice
  • Lease-Management


    Our Rental Management is responsible for the leasing of shopping centers, offices, apartments and hotels within the HGHI.

    In the conceptual redesign or with the restructuring of existing properties our rental manager create special concepts for the site and optimize their branch and tenant mix.

    For this, the site is carefully analyzed and tested its marketability in detail and the tenant mix adapted to customer needs in the running process.

    Even with the restructuring of existing properties that HGHI Rental Management takes over the complete realignment of the retail concepts and the implementation.

    The rental managerof the HGHI Holding are proven specialists in rent, who have many years of professional experience and are members in national networks. In addition, our rental managers act as a communication interface between investors, banks and tenants.

    Our competence in overview:

    • Careful and foresighted location analysis and target analysis
    • Interface between investors and tenants
    • Development of individual and creative retail and rental concepts
    • Active lease management to optimize the tenant and branch mix
    • Design of innovative concepts to increase customer frequencies
  • Financing


    From the project idea to the ongoing supervision of the finished property - our specialists offer you a comprehensive range for the procurement of debt and equity capital.

    Financial project management, transactions and equity procurement:

    • Management and handling of all activities within the scope of investor acquisition
    • Professional planning and execution of all property purchases and sales
    • Strategic marketing of development- and portfolio properties
    • Detailed strengths/weaknesses analysis and risk evaluation
    • Financial support and calculation of all development projects

    Procurement of third-party capital:

    • Procurement of external funds for projects
    • Individual development of financing models in consultation with investors
    • Investment of the liquid assets of the property companies
    • Negotiation of loan and guarantees agreements
    • Processing of loans from application to full payment and ongoing support

    Investor experiences

    HGHI has a wide range of options for financing new shopping centres, logistics centres, corporate headquarters, office buildings, health care properties and other highly specialized building types to meet all investor requirements. This primarily includes the financial strength of our own company and cooperation with major institutional investors such as renowned banks, insurance companies, real estate funds and real estate companies.

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